Celebrating the life of Chrissy Amphlett

November 23rd 2015
The Amphlett Lane Stirrers. Image: Luke Sultan.

The Amphlett Lane Stirrers. Image: Luke Sultan.

Honestly, I thought it’d take another 40 years before I was back in a choir. It turns out all it took was an invitation to celebrate Chrissy Amphlett (Divinyls) with pop-up choir The Amphlett Lane Stirrers. Jack Colwell arranged and conducted five Divinyls songs: Only Lonely, Good Die Young, Science Fiction, Pleasure and Pain and I Touch Myself. The performance took place in Amphlett Lane in Melbourne last Friday.

Chrissy’s husband Charley Drayton and family were there; so were fans. There were tears and I hope that meant we honoured Chrissy’s memory.

It would never have happened without Jack’s phenomenal talent as choirmaster and Jenny Valentish’s vision for the performance and dedication to pulling it off.

The Amphlett Lane Stirrers are: Olivia Bartley (Olympia); Mark Lang (Skipping Girl Vinegar); Jade MacRae (Dune); Elizabeth Mitchell (Totally Mild); Brooke Penrose (Saint Jude); Jenni Powell (The Riff Raiders); Jess Ribeiro; Tommy Spender; Jane Tyrrell; Clare Moore (The Dames, Dave Graney and the MistLY); Scott Spark; and Karina Utomo (High Tension).

As soon as video footage is up I’ll whack it up here.

Won’t you Tag Along…

July 15th 2014

Presenting: Tag Along, in glorious motion picture! Directed by Peter Ireland, featuring dancer Fez Faanana (Briefs, Polytoxic), shot in bedrooms, laneways, music halls, and now yours to watch. Enjoy.

P.S. Can’t wait to see you in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, in August and September. Set times and more details here. Also, RVSP on Facebook, and you can easily export events to your calendar.


Tour time!

July 7th 2014

It’s well and truly tour time. I’m venturing out with good buddies Roger Gonzalez on drums and Adele Pickvance on bass. BigStrongBrute will be opening all shows.

Join us in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If you’re in Brisbane, rally friends and book in a group so that you only pay the venue’s ‘transaction fee’ once.

Set times and more details here and on Facebook.

Honestly can’t wait to see you there. xo

P.S. I’m sincerely hoping to reach other parts of Oz soon.

Muscle Memory, out today

June 12th 2014

After years in the making, Muscle Memory is now all yours.

The album was written between Brisbane’s summertime floods, and New York’s fall; recorded between winter and spring in Los Angeles.

Download Muscle Memory for yourself via iTunes or Google Play, and spend some time with the songs at the weekend. You can also download the album’s liner notes booklet here.

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